Template Mini-video catalog for TikTok
03 MV TikTok 1080x1920 / 03 MV TikTok 1080x1920 w/black back

Tiktok template. 03 MV TikTok 1080x1920 / 03 MV TikTok 1080x1920 w/black back

Special Product Catalog Templates Prepared as Mini Videos for TikTok. They comply with the size and aspect ratio required by TikTok for video posting. The resulted video file is ready to be posted and meets all standards.

Each frame shows either one item or one product photo, if there are more than one. A code, name and price will be also shown with the photo. The price can be hidden.

How to Make a Video Catalog of Products for TikTok?

First check the items in the list, for which you are planning to create a catalog (if it is one product, your catalog can be created from all pictures of the selected product)
Click the main menu button Mini Video in MyBusinessCatalog.
Select a catalog template and click the button Create a Video.

Detailed description of creating the mini video catalog .

Select the template for mini video catalog for TikTok

Read more about Facebook video templates, as they slightly differ in the format and requirements.(click on 'PREV' button below).

Video catalog for TikTok example

TikTok catalog example on YouTube Price list maker app: quick review