Business Proposal Template with images. Review
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Business Proposal Template with images

The template is included into the basic template collection of MyBusinessCatalog.

It differs from the basic template in a thumbnail of a product in the list of offered products.
If a thumbnail is important for you due to a specific nature of your product, use this template. If not, use the basic template to make your catalog more compact.

In order to create a similar business proposal, please proceed as follows:
add the required positions to your order (select a product in the product list and
click the button Add to Order).

business proposal template - add product to order

Open the Order Manager tab .

Click Invoice/Price Quote tab above the product list.

select Quotation tab and select this template from the listtemplate.

Fill in information about the respondent, write a salutation and that's it!
You can save the final document as PDF and send to the client.

Simple business proposal template with image - add product to order

Business proposal with images example

business proposal template  with image

Example of the business proposal template with images
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