Product Catalog Template for YouTube and PowerPoint
eight products per page - 01 PP AND YOUTUBE 008

Product Catalog Template - 8 items per frame

Product Catalog Video Template A catalog will be created in the MS PowerPoint format with the following exporting to a video format.
This template shows eight product items per page. The page size complies with all YouTube requirements for video posting. This template shows a product image, code, name and price.
No description is shown. Use a template with low information density to show a description in your catalog: one, two or four product items per page with more space for a detailed product description.

In order to create a video catalog using this template, click the PowerPoint button in the main button menu, select a template from the list and click Save as PowerPoint.

You can save the resulted file of your presentation as a video using PowerPoint built-in tools.
We have described the process of creation and publication of PowerPoint and YouTube catalogs in details here .

The PowerPoint and YouTube template - eight product per frame

Video catalog example - 8 product items per frame

Product catalog for Youtube, 8 items per frame Video catalog template 01 PP AND YOUTUBE 008
video preview