Powerpoint maker: Create product catalog as MS PowerPoint presentation!
and publish video catalog to YouTube

Powerpoint maker: How create a Power Point and Video YouTube catalogs

In MyBusinessCatalog (v.12.0), we have added a new feature that allows you to create a catalog as a MS PowerPoint presentation.

The benefit of this format is in the fact that once the catalog is created as a presentation, you can take advantage of all the powerful tools available in PowerPoint's rich arsenal to showcase your products. There's nothing like that available in any other MyBusinessCatalog's tool, including adding a sound track, converting the presentation into a movie, publishing it on YouTube, etc.
Review 4, create a product catalog PowerPoint, Youtube, SlideShare
Create a catalog - create a product catalog PowerPoint, Youtube, SlideShare Create a catalog - review 4, create a product catalog PowerPoint, Youtube, SlideShare

Ideally, this feature assumes multi-purpose use:
In the end, we get high-quality catalogs and extremely high-quality links to your website.Adding new catalogs for various product groups on a regular basis will essentially boost traffic from search engines (Google, Yandex) to your website and increase customer flow.

The subject of improving your website's positions in search results (SEO) by publishing video catalogs on YouTube and PowerPoint catalogs on Slideshare.net, as well as embedding those in your website, is covered in detail in the respective articles.
MS PowerPoint is a de-facto standard for creating and viewing presentations and is installed on a really large number of computers.
You can:
YoutTube catalog example Create a catalog - MyBusinessCatalog Video catalog demo 1280HD

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No extra efforts are necessary to create a catalog as presentation.
Any printable or PDF catalog template can be exported to the MS PowerPoint format,
using both standard and custom templates.

Application: Demonstrate at presentations, exhibitions, conferences, seminars
Quick response from customer with demand for more information
Publish catalog online on the Web or emailing catalog to customers

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Use the PowerPoint catalog to export the presentation to a movie and publish it on YouTube
Set up your flip page effects, add sound tracks!

To create a PowerPoint presentation catalog, your MyBusinessCatalog must be populated with your products. This is the data MyBusinessCatalog uses for creating all kinds of catalogs.

Please read these articles to quickly populate your catalog with products:
Drag & Drop method (simply drag the products from your existing price lists with the mouse),

Import Wizard for grabbing data from XLS, CSV and other files or databases.

There is no special toolbar or form for creating a catalog as a PowerPoint presentation;
the button for saving the catalog in this format is available in the Preview window of any printable or PDF catalog.
Perhaps the most convenient way of using it is from the Report Manager.

Create PowerPoint button

To create a PowerPoint catalog, use the PowerPoint button on the main toolbar of the MyBusinessCatalog application. It opens a window for setting up the creation of a PowerPoint catalog.

If you do not have MS PowerPoint on your computer, you can download a free presentation viewer here.

Select the suitable report and then click the Preview button

In the section "What to include in PowerPoint catalog ", select the required group of product items.
If you are making up a catalog to create a video for it and then publish that catalog on YouTube,
it doesn't make sense to generate an hours-long catalog of your entire stock.
movies for different groups of items and then join them in a playlist.
For more convenience with using this approach, we have enabled editing the catalog name
on the cover page directly on this form, without having to address to the template editor.

Select the suitable template on the drop-down list and then click Save as PowerPoint.

The program will save the catalog and open it in PowerPoint.

Important! Template background images are not stored in PowerPoint catalog.

Result of generating a catalog in the PowerPoint format:

Result PowerPoint catalog

Choose any predefined template for the appearance of your catalog.
Each catalog template can be edited or improved in the internal template editor.

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