Guide on Creating a Product Catalog
This is a brief tutorial on using MyBusinessCatalog - the application for creating digital product catalogs.

This is a brief tutorial on using MyBusinessCatalog - the application for creating product product catalogs. This document is not a replacement for the help system of the digital catalog; its purpose is to explain step by step the basic moments. And we hope it will help you create your digital catalog quicker, letting you skip the specific settings that you do not need yet.

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MyBusinessCatalog is an application purposed for the creation and development of a digital catalog of products and services. The application contains a great number of settings for all kinds of situations, structures of your product lists, bulk-order and currency settings, different view modes, and appearance.

With MyBusinessCatalog, you can create a digital catalog that would allow your customers to submit the orders to one of your branch offices (if you have more than one of those), generate and send out a digital catalog in the PDF or HTML format upon the customer's request, print the catalog or price list, etc.

Briefly the idea of the application can be seen on this figure
Main idea of the create a catalog software

The application's basic concept is that your primary and most labor-intensive job is to enter your product information - price lists, photos, descriptions, flash-movies, etc. - in the catalog; the application will generate the rest automatically, upon your request.

You don't have to learn the complicated and meanwhile unclear settings of the digital catalog from the very beginning; you can use the advanced functionality when you need it. The application is ready for the use right after it has been installed, and by default it is configured to operate in the most commonly used format.

Another word on the "hardship" of using the application. The application's interface for both you, the creator of the digital catalog, and for the end user looks very similar. In other words, the user will see the CD catalog on his computer pretty much just the way you see it on yours. The difference is that one will not have any configuration settings available to you, it won't allow editing the data, etc. The end-user interface is quite clear and straight-through. The primary emphasis in the client part of the digital catalog is made toward the convenient viewing of the products and composing and submitting an order.

Below you will see the list of recommendations on operating the digital catalog; the sequence of operations in the majority of cases doesn't matter.

So, you have installed and activated the application (for the free version - obtained the activation key; for the premium one - obtained it from the registration message).
Launch the application in the administrator mode
(Start-Programs-MyBusinesCatalog Free / Platinum - MyBusinessCatalog (Administrator's console)

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Filling our product catalog

The data in your digital product catalog have a multi-level structure.

Customize catalog sections, columns, currencies, etc. Basic settings of the product catalog - sections, columns, etc.