Creating your own online store or catalog

Installing and configuring storefront scripts

The program provides sophisticated tools for creating your own online store.
This feature is an extension of the concept of creating catalogs of the required format from the same source data.
Our software aims to help you create your very own
fully functional online store if consider a custom solution
to be unduly expensive, free solutions - overcomplicated, or your existing online store - not sufficiently functional.
Your advantages with our solution include:
  • Support for several popular online store engines. Choose the one that most suits you!
  • The photos are automatically scaled and formatted according to your settings.
    Over 160 variants of original decoration of photos to choose from.
    What would normally require days of manual work, the program does automatically within minutes.
    Along the way, it solves the problem of finding items and making changes to the product list.
    All that is accessible from the friendly interface of a regular desktop application!
  • We offer dozens of free demo servers for test-driving these features without having to install anything on your own server.
    Simply select a server from the list and upload your data to it.
    Check out how easy it is!

To open the online store window, click on the E-Store button on the main toolbar or select
the Publish-E-Store item on the menu.

Start an online catalog main form

Virtually all the required information is given in the corresponding windows, where it is needed, so now we are just going to clarify some points.

This information applies to any store/catalog to be set up.

The 'What' tab

First of all, choose the store engine that you would like to use.

Select a store engine
Next, select, which items you are going to to upload to your online store; if you need to customize the selected items, here you can do that too.
Please take a note of the objects to be uploaded - in your daily work, you do not always need to repost all the photos, settings or appearance of the store.
By clearing the unnecessary items, you can considerably speed up the upload process; for example, you could leave only the updated stock on the upload list. The standard working configuration for the installation and upload testing has the "Stock", "Images" and "New only" items selected.

Uploadting online store - settings

The "Where" tab

When using the free version, select a demo store (or leave the default selection) on the 'Where' tab.
(If after uploading your data you see someone else's data there, probably someone else, besides you, is uploading their data to the same store. Simply select a different server.)
For a commercial version, install the store scripts to your server and enter the settings of your online store in the program.
uploading setting

The 'Upload' tab

Uploading products and images to online store

Once you have decided, what you are going to upload (on the 'What' tab) and where you are going to upload that (on the 'Where' tab), simply click Start on the UPLOAD tab to begin uploading your online store!

The first command to be run is Test. If this very first operation returns an error, check whether the data you have entered on the 'Where' tab is correct.

Either the path to the store/script or the authentication login/password could be invalid.
Hide intermediate tasks after completion. It is recommended to leave this option selected.
After a successful upload of the store data, you can feast your eyes on the result.
Enter the store's address in your browser's address bar or click Go to the E-Store on the 'Where' tab.