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Catalog software Screenshots

Paper/PDF/HTML catalog

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Buttons on the panel

PDF catalog button

Options form - select templates, preview, save, print etc.

PDF catalog options

Some PDF templates samples

PDF catalog example 12 items per sheet
PDF catalog example 6 items per sheet

PDF catalog example 35 items per sheet
PDF catalog example 25 items per sheet

PDF catalog example 4 items per sheet
PDF catalog example 9 items per sheet

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Download PDF catalog samples:
Demo 1 (2 Mb)
Demo 2 (1,3 Mb)
Demo 3 (1,3 Mb)

Video Catalog, YouTube, SlideShare.Net

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MyBusinessCatalog Video catalog demo 1280HD MyBusinessCatalog Video catalog demo 1280HD

Android catalog

More about Android catalog here >> Buttons on the panel

Create Adnroid Catalog - button on panel

Main options Android catalog form

Create Adnroid Catalog - main window

Android-catalog samples.

Android catalog - orange style
Android catalog - sage style
Android catalog - blue style
Android catalog - black style
Android catalog - yellow style
Android catalog - violet style

More screenshots

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Download a sample mobile catalog for Android в Google Play(1.6 Mb)

Online catalog

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Button on the panel

Online catalog - the buton on the main panel

Online catalogs options main form

Online catalog - select eStore engine and settings

Upload in process...

Uploading in process.


Result store

Media catalog for Windows (CD/DVD/Flash drive)

Article about media catalog >>

The our catalog software implements the skins approach to managing its appearance. It enables you to choose the best one out of over 230 available skins for YOUR media products catalog. Once you've made your choice, you can further fine-tune the appearance of your catalog. For more options on managing the appearance of your digital catalog, please click here.

Main window. The media catalog main panel]

All of the catalog commands are available in the program's main window.
MyBusinessCatalog allows creating product catalogs on media (CD/DVD/Flash drive) to provide your customers with the latest information on your products. Create and submit orders via e-mail to one of your branches / sales departments right from within the program. Prompt your customer for additional information upon order submission; credit card or discount card number, Tax ID or other information you may need.
The catalog can be written on a CD to be handed to your customer, printed, exported to one of the popular formats (PDF, TXT, CSV, HTML, XLS, BMP, JPEG, TIFF, RTF, and XML) or e-mailed to the customer from within the program. Any of these actions can be applied to the entire catalog, selected group of items or selected items.
Your user's CD catalog can be updated via the Internet. Your customers can create an order, print it or send it via e-mail from within the digital catalog. You can enter several recipients to handle the order in different branches or sales departments.
The extensive customization features make MyBusinessCatalog an irreplaceable assistance in your business!

Print Catalog
Print the catalog from media catalog
Printable catalog, example

The catalog print window. The printed catalog can contain either the complete list of products or the selected items only. The catalog can be viewed, print, save in one of the supported formats (TXT, CSV, HTML, XLS, BMP, JPEG, TIFF, RTF and XML) or sent via e-mail.
It is possible to print your catalog with your custom header and hide your information and prices, which is perfect for handing the catalog to your partners. You can enable or disable this feature as necessary.

Download an example of printable catalog in PDF (~728 Kb).

Order system
Send order from medial catalog
Order, Printable form

In the digital catalog, user can pick up items to be ordered and then print the order or send it via e-mail. The catalog allows you to specify several recipients of the order in your company's different branch offices or sales departments.

You can also create an additional field for prompting your customer for more information on submitting the order (Tax payer ID, discount card number, customer ID according to your classification, etc.) The field can be set as mandatory or optional.

Besides the text information in the order message, you can attach a file with the order in a format convenient to you (PDF, XML, XLS, RTF, TXT, CSV and MBC-XML). The last one is usually convenient for the automatic parsing of your orders with your software.

Make Catalog on CD
Create a media catalog on the CD or flash drive

The CD creation wizard includes just a few easy steps. Your catalog made ready for the distribution can be written on a CD using Windows XP's standard tools or saved to any folder and then written on a CD using any other technology available to you.

You can write your catalogs on CD right in your office as needed or, having created one copy, use it as the master for replicating the disk in the CD-replication companies.

Developer form End User form

The picture on the left displays the window for uploading the refreshed data to the Internet. Set up the access to your folder on your Internet server once and then upload your updates with a single mouse click.

The user's CD version of the catalog has a menu item that opens the updates downloading dialog. The users receive news and price lists in any case; the additional descriptions and photographs - optionally, depending on the Internet connection speed.

Download the Catalog Software