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PDF Catalog

Creating a PDF catalog is one of MyBusinessCatalog's numerous features.

Starting from version 18, direct publication of PDF-Catalogs in the online service TheCatalog.Online is available
PDF catalog is a digital document, and that give it major advantages over a printed one. A digital document can be:
previewed to check the result
saved as file
emailed to customer
uploaded to your website.

Tablets / iPad (3.1 Mb)

Smartphones / iPhone(2,1 Mb)

MyBusinessCatalog will take your challenge and create a PDF catalog at the office, without engaging highly expensive experts.

Detailed review of the all free catalog templates .

Why PDF?

First of all, populate your MyBusinessCatalog digital catalog with products. The application will use that data to create your PDF and other types of catalogs. You can quickly populate your catalog with:
Drag & Drop (dragging product lists from your sources with the mouse),

Import Wizard that imports data from XLS, CSV and other files.

To create the PDF-catalog, click on the button on the main toolbar, "Publication" tab.

Main panel: button to create PDF catalog

and generate a PDF catalog for
all product groups
current group only
or specific items (great for creating a catalog of selected items upon customer's request)

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Select any of the available templates to give your catalog a beneficial appearance. Each template in the catalog can be edited and improved in the internal template editor.

PDF logo MyBusinessCatalog allows you to create a PDF catalog. You can create a PDF catalog of selected items only. PDF is a standard for sharing documents, and its viewer (Acrobat Reader) is free and publicly available, so storing a digital catalog as PDF is highly popular. Just a couple of mouse clicks is all it takes to e-mail your customer a PDF catalog of your products (or groups of products) they are interested with MyBusinessCatalog.

PDF logo Since PDF is a document sharing standard, and the software for viewing the files is publicly available and free (Acrobat Reader), saving a digital catalog to a PDF document is a very convenient, useful and demanded feature. What is important is that you can create a catalog with selective data. To make the job even easier, we have embedded a tool that allows you to e-mail a PDF catalog of selected products (or product groups) to your customer in a couple of mouse clicks directly from the application!

Application: Instant response to customer's inquiry, convenient publishing of the catalog on your website and distribution via e-mail; appears properly on literally all mobile gadgets.

Some templates samples

Download PDF catalog samples:
Tablets / iPad (3.1 Mb)

Smartphones / iPhone(2,1 Mb)

More about iPhone / iPad

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