Setting up MyBusinessCatalog to publish PDF documents to TheCatalog.Online

Working with TheCatalog.Online

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MyBusinessCatalog creates the following types of PDF documents:
Price lists

Once you create these documents, you have to figure out how to publish them.
MyBusinessCatalog users usually send out catalogs on their own or publish them on their website or on cloud services.

We created the solution for this with our independent online service, TheCatalog.Online . What's more, we've added the ability to automatically publish documents created in MyBusinessCatalog.


TheCatalog.Online is a service for publishing PDF documents that your users can view easily.

Here's what you can do with documents:
Download them
View them in a browser
Flip through them like a book
Share them on social media
Send them via messengers
Embed them on your website
Send them by e-mail

Get it done in just a couple of clicks from the PDF file page.
Here's an example of a document page.
Here's an example of the document gallery.

How it works

You'll first need to create an account on TheCatalog.Online .
Copy your token in the Settings section.
Paste the token to MyBusinessCatalog in Settings - TheCatalog.Online.

TheCatalog.Online settings

After that, any document can be published in TheCatalog.Online in a couple of clicks.

You can read more about publishing from MyBusinessCatalog in this article .

Example embedded document