MyBusinessCatalog is a product catalog and price list maker software.
Create your own PDF and HTML product catalog, Price list Android, online.

MyBusinessCatalog, is a software for creating a product catalog.

We have a solution that is at least 10 times cheaper than the studios' services.

Creating a quality product catalog can be a daunting task, especially for those who do not have web design or programming skills. In this case, MyBusinessCatalog software will come to your aid, which allows you to create a professional catalog quickly and effortlessly on your own in your office or at home.

The main advantages of using MyBusinessCatalog are:

  • Create 10 types of catalogs for any business use.
  • Easy to use: the programme has an intuitive interface, even a beginner can create a functional product catalogue.
  • Wide customisation possibilities: you can choose a ready-made design template or Create your own unique design using various tools and design elements.
  • Ability to add products at any time: when using MyBusinessCatalog You can easily add new items or change information about existing items.
  • Integration with social networks: the program allows you to integrate the catalog with popular social networks, which facilitates the process of business promotion. The programme allows you to integrate the catalogue with popular social networks, which makes it easier to promote your business.

Using MyBusinessCatalog will greatly simplify the process. and make it more efficient and attractive for potential customers.

MyBusinessCatalog is the best way to create a catalog yourself, without turning to expensive specialists. to expensive specialists. You will spend 10 times less money and 2-3 times less time.

What generally catalog is useful for?
You can develop your product catalog right now and in your office.

We offer several formats for you to choose from:

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Create the catalogs in PDF and HTML, sales sheet templates

PDF product catalog sample

The program for creating catalogs or line sheets contains a variety of templates - you can choose the design in your corporate style.
This kind of catalog can be published on the website and it can be sent to customers via email directly from the program.

PDF catalog HTML catalog

Printed product catalog, line sheet and price list

Printed catalog example

Print is available whole or partially, also the preparation of materials for printing (PDF, TIFF) in a print house.
You can print the catalog just in your office, without resorting to someone and ordering anything.

Printed catalog Price list

Create a digital media product catalog                    

Media catalog main form
This is a complete digital catalog-program with compiling and sending orders system, quotations.
It can be used both inside the company and it can be transferred to customers - in the media (eg flash card) or in the form of software that is downloaded from your site.
Start to create a digital product catalog now and improve the attractiveness of your products for customers.

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Video-catalog for publication on its own YouTube channel

MyBusinessCatalog will solve the problem of creating and filling the channel on YouTube for you.
Create and post videos by the product groups, subjects and occasions, insert videos into your website.
Increase the loyalty of search engines - expand the flow of customers.

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Mobile product catalog for Android                    

Android catalog example - light hues

Your "store in the pocket."
Thoroughly researched catalog for placement in Google Play Market with the system of forming up and sending orders.
It can be used by clients and sales representatives.

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Online Catalog – is an automatic filling of an online store

Online catalog - Automatic filling of an online store

Creation of the electronic catalog will be carried with a minimum of your intervention.
All tasks will be solved by the program. It is possible to unload the nomenclature, styling and photo processing.
Some of the most popular platforms are supported: OpenCart, VirtueMart and others.

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