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Our users' and partners' comments

Our users' and partners' comments

Linda Becker

Please tell the world what a wonderful program MyBusinessCatalog is and the time it saves.
I just want to thank you for all your help The program is working GREAT. This is really a good program and I really appreciate all you have done.
I very much recommend this program to everyone.

Linda Becker
Dollhouses, Trains & More


Its very powerful software so you can easily edit almost everything you want in your project. Of course there is a lot more options to use in your business and great support provided.
Yes, I recommend MyBusinessCatalog to everyone.

Web Development

Lance Hamilton

Please find below our journey with My Business Catalogue: We are a family run business wholesaling DVD's within the UK with a salesforce of 12 reps. Originally our salesfoce used to present to customers with paper sleeves and write orders down then fax them in to head office. We were constantly looking for a solution where the reps could present the 1000+ new titles that come out on DVD each Month whilst also carrying information on the 40,000+ titles that are already available. But the problem didn't end there... We need to be able to update the information our salesforce was carrying as prices and release dates constantly change within our industry. We had searched high and low for an application that could offer us 3 main elements: Large amount of product information with images & descriptions The ability to update that information weekly The ability to place orders easily Then deep in the search pages of google we came across MBC Gold. I downloaded the trial version and it had everything we needed. The set-up was idiot-proof. Within a day I had mastered the whole package. We created our first catalogue and sent it out to our salesforce. Suddenly we were selling deep back catalogue titles alongside new releases. Our reps soon mastered the simple search interface and was pulling togather lists by genre. A rep could go into a sports shop and instantly pull up all the sports DVD's. It wasn't long before I had customers asking for there own copy. We branded the catalogue and set up a website where customers could request there free catalogue disc. In the past year we now have 500 customers using the MBC catalogue to place orders and requests are still coming in daily. I also presented the powerfull abilities of MBC to our suppliers in order for them to see why we need images up front of release. These suppliers are the likes of Universal, Warner, MGM, Sony etc and all were blown away with the abilities of Cangaru. One of their key product managers even stated we have just spent £20,000 on a product system that doesn't even come close to MBC and definatley doesn't even scratch the surface of it's speed. My Business Catalogue allows us to provide our customers with our entire product catalogue in an easy to use interface, whilst keeping that product up-to-date and allowing our customers top place orders instantly.
Lance Hamilton
Marketing Manager
Golds, Uplands Business Park, Blackhorse Lane, London, E17 5QJ

Oleg Lebedev

An extremely helpful MyBusinessCatalog application is a great example of a solution for settling a typical office task. It is meant for making up a catalog of products sold by the company. The benefits unveiled by the digital version of the catalog are obvious. The suite provides amazingly mature means for building digital catalogs and features a simple to use interface. The catalog created with the software can be published on the Internet or replicated on compact discs. The software carries all the means necessary for creating interactive systems based upon this software; for example, a customer, once has viewed the catalog, can automatically create an order and submit it to the vendor. The publication may include files of the majority of widespread formats (JPG, BMP, TIFF, XLS, RTF, and HTML). The catalog can be updated through the Internet.

PC Magazine Oleg Lebedev
PC Magazine / RE
Assistance Chief Editor

Inessa Golovina

Here is what we want to say. Thank you, developers, for your efforts squeezing the software into our requirements, technical, specific and branding-related! We especially value the attention, efficiency, and accuracy that you have demonstrated when fulfilling our tasks.


Inessa Golovina
Brand Coordinator of
Mr. Christmas Direction


We found about mybusinesscatalog from the internet and we bought it. From then on our communication with our existing clients changed rapidly and with the new ones things was much easier. The after sales service is very important and we found all the help we could need. We recommend the program mybusinesscatalog with out any hesitation. All our sales team thank you.


Dr. Priyanka Jain

I tried out several catalogue builders however I found your software to be very user-friendly and meet our business requirements. Also given the amount of features it appears to be a good value for money. We still have to try out and see how we can upload data from XLS. I also appreciated your prompt support service. It enabled me to make decision easily. The features that interested me most were: a) Its linkage to XLS files
b) auto-update for buyers whom we give our product catalogue CD
c) ability to modify the fields in 'item profile' to suit our business
d) slideshow of the products

Dr. Priyanka Jain
Artieze Hongkong

Michael Brod

We are now accustomed to huge volumes of products available on supermarkets storefronts, and the choosing the right thing is getting more and more complicated. Using a catalog for picking what we want to buy becomes a normal thing for many. Unfortunately, printed catalogs become obsolete too quickly, and they can be helpful only for a short length of time since they were sent out. Now, what can vendors do to make their catalogs serve for long and remain useful to customers? Make them updatable. The printed format is not an option for this solution, so the only way to go is the digital catalog. Certainly, it can be created with the common office software; however, that isn't quite convenient. A better way to doing that is using special catalog builder applications, which will do the job much better. One of such applications is MyBusinessCatalog. It is made for product vendors and retailers. The software will allow cutting back on the compilation of price lists and shortening sufficiently the amount of time required for notifying customers of news or changes. At the same time, the quality of information provided to customers will not decrease at all; instead, it will only get better.
SoftKey Info Michael Brod
SoftKey Info


I've been using the software for two years. We use it for the bulk sales of chandeliers. The software is very comfortable and user-friendly. It can update through the Internet, and that makes it especially valuable for partners and dealers. Also, it's really great that new functions and editions of the software are released frequently. I am really grateful to the developers for this wonderful software.

"Arctur" Store, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

Daniel Dares

I tried about 3 other products that had demos in the market, and none of them were as intuitive and easy to use as MyBusinessCatalog. The excel import is great. And it has the possibility to have the interface in different laguages. Spanish being a must for me. The internet update is critical in my business, since every week we get new products.
Daniel Dares
Grupo XR, Mexico