How to create the video catalogs for Tik Tok, Instagram and Facebook

How to make Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook videos

create video from photos for SNs

Do you sell through Instagram and share your products’ photos on your page?
Then this new service has been designed for you!

Nowadays, Instagram allows sharing of short videos (max. 60 sec, Facebook up to 120 sec, TikTok up to 180 sec)
How can you use it in your business promotion?

Instead of sharing just a photo, now you can post a short video demonstration of any part of your collection, any product from different angles and color options, as well as similar products!

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Check out the info article to see how it works.

It is noteworthy that it won’t affect the number of your posts and your channel activity, it will affect their quality - they will become better and more informative.

As a result, you will have more followers, and thus, - more sales!

You might say: “But creating your own video for Instagram surely is a very complicated process.”
It is not the case with MyBusinessCatalog!

We take this matter very seriously and have fully automated the process. We took into consideration all the requirements for the video publications in Instagram, developed proper templates and covered necessary options and codecs.

Just as in the creation of any catalog with MyBusinessCatalog, all you need is to place your products in the program list, add pictures, and all the rest will be made automatically.
The picture will contain a name, price and the sign “New” for new products and so on, and a video will be generated without any efforts on your part.

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