How to make a price quotation.
Quotation templates

How to make a price quotation

How to prepare quotation properly?

How to make a price quota?
How to prepare quotation properly?
Many marketers confuse:
"Your commercial proposal should be properly arranged, otherwise there won’t be sales";
"Solding quotation – is a core of business. There is no good commercial proposal - there is no business";
"Only I know the formula of competent commercial offer. Contact me!".

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How make a quotation

A very brief and clear explanation of how to very quickly make a personal commercial proposal. (Quote)
How make a quotation A very brief and clear explanation of how to very quickly make a personal commercial proposal

Also, to write one quotation, it takes time. To write a lot of quotations for different clients - even more time.
The most valuable thing in business - it's not even the money. They brought by the time, but no one can get a little more time in excess of the allocated the case.

Your customers can not wait long. They need a business proposal here and now.
It is important to catch the moment.
It is important to be prepared and "armed" in the right place at the right time.

Therefore, a long development of price quotation – is the the omission of the potential benefits.
As a result, you are between two fires - you need to make a quotation:
1. Properly and correctly;
2. As fast as possible.
And at the same time meet the marketing budget.

But there is a solution.

Business Process Automation

MyBusinessCatalog - is a tool that draws a quatation in electronic format quickly and beautifully, and represents goods from their best side.

What is quotation?
There are 2 types of commercial proposal and price quotation, "cold" and "hot".

"Cold" quotation is sent unprepared customers. They still do not know anything about your product.
"Cold" quotation - is actually the creation of the catalog.
It is: The lack of a "cold" quotation – often it has a low percentage of returns.

"Hot" quotation is sent out already "ready" customers - willing to make a deal and want only to discuss its condition. Together with the "hot" proposal the payment account could even be applied to.
A disadvantage of "hot" quotation - it requires individual training for each new transaction.

How to get away from the typical shortcomings of commercial proposals?


MyBusinessCatalog offers finished system of creating price quotation in electronic form. This format of drawing up letters combats effectively with the shortcomings of "cold" and "hot" quotations - low-efficiency and constant loss of time to prepare for a new deal. MyBusinessCatalog offers 2-3 template type for each type of commercial proposal:

A few examples

An example as PDF
With images
With images and specifications

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All you need to do - is to prepare a page with information about the typical customer interactions: form of payment, delivery options, discount policies, etc.
For "hot" offers personal treatment field is filled additionally. After these simple settings, you can immediately:

Ready document will include all the necessary information for an instant a deal here and now.

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How does it look?

"Cold" offer - is a separate product catalog, designed in a special way. It can be laid out in the form of PDF-catalog of a special template and contain all the goods, and only marked in the list.
An example of the "Cold" quotation

"Hot" offer – is a special form of the order. Based on the data entered by the client, it creates a private offer for him and a personal account.
An example of the "Hot" quotation

How does it work?

For a "Cold" quotation

Select a suitable template in the report manager (from tens of those with the '1_' prefix), select "Include terms" and enter the basic terms for the deal.
Later on, you can use this template as any other catalog - printable, PDF, etc.

For a "hot" quotation

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