How to make a quotation for prices
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It often happens in the business world that a deal breaks down simply because the client has no clear understanding of your offer in a structured and complete form.

While your customers have no answers to the questions that they cannot phrase themselves, there is practically no possibility of a successful deal.

Though you may define the content of your proposal in one document (discount policy, terms of delivery and payment, shipping addresses, etc.) and vary the salutation and product list (price quote).

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A price quote has the following structure:

letterhead - Sender, Recipient

salutation - “Dear Mr. Smith,..”

product list and price quotations

supplement including a full description of terms and conditions to make your customer ask no additional questions before making a decision.

The field “Sender” and the supplement are fixed and should be filled in only once.
“Recipient” and salutation should be entered for every customer individually.
The list of products and services - ditto.
You may additionally include a personal discount, if any.

Below we focus on making a final document with the use of MyBusinessCatalog software suite.

That’s how a list of your products looks like in the program (various methods of transferring your price lists to the program are available)

Add products required by the customer to your order.

Adding the products to order

Click Invoice/Quote

Invoice/Quote button in the main menu

Half the battle

Fill in your company information, the terms and conditions page (it should be done only once and then you can use it in all your price quotes) and salutation.

Fill information about your company for quota


Save the result as PDF and send it to the customer.

Save and send a quote as PDF

Good luck for your business!

quotation for prices - simple template

quotation for prices

quotation for prices - template with images and options, another theme

quotation for prices - template with pictures

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