Creation catalogue PDF

Why PDF?
This format was originally made for ensuring identical appearance of documents in different systems. Even now PDF is a de-facto standard for exchanging documents, which appear properly on any computers. For our task - creating a catalog of merchandise - that’s just perfect.

How to create a catalog?
Oftentimes, new users create catalogs using software they already have on their computers, like MS Office, and save the result to a PDF file. A major flaw of this technique is that one can’t actually maintain the catalog further on (it’s hardly possible to insert or delete an item in the middle, the layout inevitably breaks) and change the appearance.

Notice how this is done with MyBusinessCatalog: all items (photos and descriptions) are listed in a separate list, and templates are selected when necessary.

Check out how creation catalogue pdf works in this application.

Create PDF catalogue - product list

Create PDF catalogue - selecting  a template

PDF catalogue template 4 items per page
PDF catalog template 12 items per page

PDF catalog template 25 items per page
PDF catalog template 8 items per page