Adding products using existing files and pictures

This method of adding products is useful when you don't have a list of products electronically, but you have pictures of products.
In this case the products are created with the picture already attached and Just write the name and price of the goods.

You can use the main menu item Product list - Add button drop-down list - Insert from picture or press Ctrl+Alt+Ins simultaneously on the keyboard

Adding a picture as an item

In the window that opens, select a picture. Or several pictures with the CTRL or SHIFT keys pressed

Selecting a picture to add

New items will be added under the current item in the product list. The name of the picture will be set as the article and the picture will be attached to that item.
You will need to fix the article (if necessary) add the name of the product and the price. If additional columns were added earlier, fill them in too.

Result of adding pictures
You can achieve the same result by simply moving the files to the product list from Windows File Explorer or another file editor.

For each new product you can set additional photos and descriptions
Learn more about editing the product list - see here

Adding products to the catalog from pictures In this video we will show you how to add products to the catalog, if you do not have a list of products, but only pictures.