Currency setup

You can use different currencies for pricing different groups of items.
(Use the “Options – Currency setup” menu.)

Currency setup in the product catalog

You should specify at least one – default – currency.
In the example above the US Dollar is set for the default currency.
1 USD equals 0.88 EURO.
You can enter up to 10 different currencies. (Just don’t forget to save the list afterwards!)

Creating a new group of items, you can specify explicitly the currency to use for pricing the items. While making an order, however, all prices will be given in the default currency.
If the item “Client can change currency” is selected, in the browse mode the client can see an additional drop-down list of available currencies. When a different currency is selected, prices in the catalog will be re-calculated by the corresponding rate.
Client cannot change currency


Client can change currency

drop doun menu for change a currency