Frequently Asked Questions

How to add hyperlink to an online page/resource to PDF catalog

These settings will result in a PDF catalog with hyperlinks to additional online resources for each product item that requires them, a perfect PDF catalog for publishing online.

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How to prepare data for uploading to catalog/uploading updates

Use the application's internal tools; this information is intended for technical specialists only.
Data files are located in the DATA folder (Menu: Catalog -> Open Data Folder, /DATA). One file for each product group (you can have just one file). File names can be viewed in the Groups section, in Add/Edit Groups, 'Group data file' line...

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How to Add a Multitude of Photographs Quickly

Photos (and also additional descriptions and flash movies) are stored in a separate folder.
A simple way to access it by selecting 'Catalog-Open Data Folder' on the main menu.
The Images folder stores the photos...

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How to Avoid Adding Same Photographs to Similar Products

If you have a number of product groups, where the products differ from one another only by their features, while their appearance is identical (or almost identical), you can select the option Use group's image for missing photo...

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How to Use MBC on Several Computers

The license agreement does not impose any restrictions on using the catalog software on multiple computers. Once you have received the activation key, activate MyBusinessCatalog on one computer. Be careful when entering your activation name. Use your company name, brand name, etc. You should not use your personal name, unless you are a private entrepreneur...

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A. How create MultiCatalog/Clone catalog

Once you have created a catalog that you can use as the foundation for the further cloning:
Create a folder for the new catalog; e.g., c:\catalogues\catalog1

Next, in the catalog program select the menu: Catalog - Open Data Folder. Copy all items that you see, including subfolders (Data, images, docs, etc.) to the folder you just created...

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A. Configuring the Catalog for Updating via the Internet
Despite that the software does not require any special skills or knowledge, the update is facilitated on YOUR server, and misunderstanding the basics of its operation causes frequent inquiries to our technical support. Let us clarify this issue and explain it in a simple language. It is assumed that you can access your server via FTP (i.e. have a username, password and the server's address..).

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A. What if when ordering an item, one needs to specify additionally color, size or other parameters?

The full article there (/help/options.html)