How create MultiCatalog/Clone catalog

How create MultiCatalog/Clone catalog

Read a new article : /help/catalog-management-software.html

Once you have created a catalog that you can use as the foundation for the further cloning:
Create a folder for the new catalog; e.g., c:\catalogues\catalog1

Next, in the catalog program select the menu: Catalog - Open Data Folder. Copy all items that you see, including subfolders (Data, images, docs, etc.) to the folder you just created.

Next, to make it more convenient, create a folder on Desktop and name it something like "My Catalogs". Here you will keep shortcuts for running the clones.

Next, add the shortcut from Start-Programs-mybusinesscatalog - catalog (Edit mode) to that folder (holding down the CTRL or SHIFT key to move a copy and leave the original unchanged. Or simply use the CTRL-C, CTRL-V combinations).
That's it; we've got a copy of our data and a copy of the shortcut for running the clone.

Right-click on the shortcut, then select the Properties item. In the Target field, append our data folder as follows:

"C:\Program Files\MyBusinessCatalog Platinum\catalog.exe" edit

"C:\Program Files\MyBusinessCatalog Platinum\catalog.exe" edit "c:\catalogues\catalog1"
Clicking on this shortcut will run the program with data loaded from the specified folder. Thus, you will have the required number of absolutely independent catalogs on a single machine.

Repeat these steps for all clones.