Create a catalog
step by step

Step-by-step instructions for creating product catalogs

Table of contents
Video review
Basic information about your company
Sections setup
   Create a new section
      Adding required columns
      Setting currency for prices
Adding products
   Manual addition of products
   Data import
   Data transfer Drag & Drop
Adding pictures and descriptions to products
Create catalogs

Brief video review

Create a catalog - Qiock start Create a catalog - Quick start

Entering information about your company

What is it for.

Basic data about your company - email, phone, website and address will be automatically filled in to the created catalogs, if they are not explicitly specified. This will free you from routine prescribing your data in all documents. But that won't stop you from changing your contact details locally, for example when customizing a template.

To enter these data, use the menu item File-About

Setting up and entering company data

Creating sections

The catalog allows the following product hierarchy:
Different sections should be created for fundamentally different products with different sets of characteristics.
Subgroups within a section
For convenience, products can be combined into groups and subgroups in the form of a tree structure.
Products within groups

Therefore, you first need to create a directory partition or set up a current demo partition (for the free version).
Important considerations:
Each section contains a set of characteristics independent of other sections - columns, column widths, formatting, formulas, etc.
You can generate a catalog for a specific section or for all sections at once
You can disable a section, then when creating a catalog from all sections, it will be skipped, it will not be uploaded to the online store or android catalog
Use the same main currency in all sections to avoid confusion

To set up sections, click on the button Sections

Open catalog sections

Create a new section or edit the current one.
Enter the name and purpose of the columns (Plain text, price, barcode, etc.)

Currency settings

After you have created a section and specified the desired columns, set up currencies.
Click the integral icon next to the desired column and select a currency from the list.

Opening the Formatting and Formula Settings Window

This question is described in detail in this article

Adding products manually

After setting up the sections, you can fill the section with products.
Manually entering products only makes sense if you do not have a list in electronic form, for example, in Excel.
Manual entry of products is described in detail in this article

Import data from existing price lists

If you already have a list of products in electronic form, then you can use the data import wizard.
Tabular formats such as Excel and databases are supported.

Data import menu item
The import wizard is described in detail here

Drag and drop

You can simply transfer the list of products from Excel to MyBusinessCatalog with the mouse.
You will need to make some settings so that the program understands what data you are transferring

how to add a products to the catalog The transfer of goods is described in detail in this article

Creating catalogs

You have created sections, added products, pictures, descriptions.
And this is where the magic begins, this is why our application was created

Based on the data you entered, the program can create many variants of catalogs.
Go to the Publication tab.

catalog creation panel