Create a media catalog for Windows

With the help of MyBusinessCatalog you can create a media catalog.
A media catalog is a Windows application, your customers can view the products and make and send you an orders. It is a set of files on the media (disk or flash card) or installer program that can be downloaded from your website and install on your computer.

Appearance of client media catalog

To create a Windows medaia-catalog click the Make Media button on the Publication tab

Panel to launch and create product catalog

Main window for setting up and creating a media catalog for Windows

 Main window for setting up and creating a media catalog for Windows
You can choose the format and customize the news page for your users.

Make Media-catalog
Catalog Creation Wizard

On the list of available languages, select the languages you are going to include in your distributive. Please also select the default language to be installed in the users’ copies.

Keep in mind that the default language will be available only on computers where MyBusinessCatalog has not been installed and run. Otherwise, the default language will be the one currently used for the Catalog.

Do not edit data and files in this folder – during creation of the distribution kit, all the existing files will be discarded and created over!
If on the 3-rd step of the Wizard you select a different folder for the distribution kit to, you will need to remove the previously created data manually.

Downloading updates
Subsystem for downloading updates for catalog created and installed by users before

Learn more about how to provide updated data for online updates of previous releases of the catalog, see there

You can see how your catalog will look like without creating a separate media catalog. This speeds up the process of testing the client catalog.

More on folders contents and description.