Automatic parsing of photographs in product catalog
handling errors. Optimizing size

logo In the times when people carry digital snapshot cameras with a resolution of up to 40 megapixels, our catalog gets raw photos of huge resolution and size.

Just to finally generate a catalog with images not larger than a match box or half the smartphone screen.

That leads to stretching the catalog generation time, lacking RAM, and slowing the application down.

We have resolved this issue radically; your catalog will become fast again!

In MyBusinessCatalog 12.1, when adding a new photograph by any available method (dragging with the mouse, selecting from a list, using data import wizard, etc.), the program automatically corrects a wide range of errors (format and color depth mismatch, etc.), optimizes the image and shrinks it to 1024 pixels by any dimension (the settings can be changed). The optimization goes in the background, and adding photos is no different from what you are used to.

No visual descent of quality will be noticeable, but the file size can be shrunk up by 10-12 times, if you use such large photos, the catalog's increased performance will be noticeable immediately!

For existing stores running in the production mode, we have released a stand-alone utility; it is free and compatible with any version of MyBusinessCatalog.
You can download it at /download/ImagesFixer.exe

The utility is also included in the standard setup and can be called through the menu. Install the new version of MyBusinessCatalog to take advantage of the internal optimization system or use the free utility!

Open tool to launch images Resizer

Utility window

open tool to fix and resize a images

Configuring optimization in the application (enabled by default)

Options of Images fix and resizer tool

Maximum width/height in pixels. Recommended size: 1024.
Best fit. If you like the result, don't change the value.
JPEG quality.
At 90%, the file size is 2-3 smaller without visually noticeable decay.
At 75% changes are noticeable on smaller items, size is smaller by 30% more.
Recommended value: 90

The source photographs are copied to the /images/original folder (How to find: main menu item Catalog-Open data folder and then folder Images)

Command line params
-1st - path to a folder image (or nil - an image folder of the default catalog)
-2nd - language (or nil)
-3rd - autortart - autostart or nil or empty

ImagesFixer.exe "d:\catalog\images\"
ImagesFixer.exe "d:\catalog\images\" en
ImagesFixer.exe "d:\catalog\images\" en autostart
ImagesFixer.exe nil nil autostart