Update/Upload settings

Update information via Internet

The program allows users holding your CD to update product information, retrieve missing images, descriptions and news via Internet
The update configuration options are located in the Configurator’s corresponding section.

Updates location on FTP server
(See FAQ for more information)

Specify the folder where the information is to be located on the server. The recommended location is /htdocs/your_folder. All the subfolders required for proper work will be created automatically when the first upload is performed.
Port – enter your FTP server port.

Updates HTTP location

Enter the same address as you have specified in the field FTP address. For more information please address to your administrator or hosting provider.
Port – enter your HTTP server port.

If you do not plan to support updates via Internet, select the option “Do not use Internet updating” on the Configurator menu. The Update item will be disabled on the Catalog menu.

More on the Catalog update options

FTP configuration

To access FTP server you should specify the server address, your login and password.
The information is safely encrypted and is not disclosed to your client.
Having entered other required information, click on the “Upload data to server” button.
That will open the “Upload” window.
In the upper part of the program’s window, select the objects to be uploaded to the server.
By default, all options are selected.
Clicking on the “Upload” button starts uploading data to the specified FTP server.

Query FTP

The “Upload” window displays files that are to be uploaded to the FTP server. Those files are marked as check mark icon
Clicking on the “Query FTP” button compares files to be uploaded with files on the server. Once the comparison is complete, only files that are not yet on the server will remain selected. This feature’s purpose is simply informing users of the files that are already on the server.
The “Images” tab lists image files to be uploaded to the server. Due to large size of high quality images prepared for demonstrating off the CD, it is recommended to upload images of smaller size (scaled). Otherwise, your clients that use dial-up connection to the Internet may be unable to complete downloading the images. To reduce images’ size, select the option “Reduce image size before upload”. Otherwise the images will be uploaded unchanged.
Use runner to specify the maximum image size. Files marked in red will be reduced to the specified size.
To evaluate the total size of update files to be uploaded, click the “Reduce images” button. This is an informative feature only.
To visually compare the original and reduced images, press the “View” button.
The “Documents” tab lists description files to be uploaded to the server. After querying FTP, description files that are to be uploaded are marked as check mark icon . This is an informative feature only.

The lower part of the “Upload” window displays the progress bar.

The contents of the window can be saved to a text file. To save the window to a text file, click on the “Save” button.