Catalog Management Software.
Controlling all the catalogs of products


After installation of MyBusinessCatalog, all data of the main project are placed in the folder MyBusinessCatalogPT (To open this folder directly, use Catalog-Open Data Folder in the menu).

You won’t find conventional 'Open' and 'Save' here, the entire catalog project data will be saved automatically.

You also can start separate projects on the same computer.
The purpose doesn’t matter: it can be a catalog for other branches or for different business areas, or an experimental copy, etc.

To manage projects simply go to Tools-Catalog project manager in the menu.

Catalog project manager - main form

On the left side you can see the list of projects.
Click 'New', enter a name and description of the project and set a folder for saving all data.
Click 'Save'
The complete copy of the CURRENT project will be saved in this folder
A desktop shortcut for quick startup of this project in MyBusinesscatalog will be created
New project will be started up immediately after saving.
After that, you also will be able to start it up from the Project Manager or via the desktop shortcut.

The name of the current project is shown in the program heading.

Application title

If a new project is created not as a backup copy, but for a separate catalog, the following steps are recommended.

Fix a unique ID for your catalog. On the front-end it will enable different media-catalogs to work absolutely independently, with the update system and other configurations set up specifically for them

Application ID

If you want to delete all the products of the previous catalog, go to the 'groups' and simply delete all the old top-level groups and create the new ones.

Delete Group

If you want to make Android catalogs, go to the settings and specify another folder for the Android project and generate a new key, otherwise these catalogs will not be working correctly on the same computer and the upload of the second catalog to the Google Play Market will be impossible.


Note: Project Manager is not available in the free version.