The price list templates
How to make a price list using MyBusinessCatalog

How to create a price list template using MyBusinessCatalog

Starting from version 18, direct publication of price lists in the online service TheCatalog.Online is available

Everything is simple if you have under 100 products, but if you have more, like 500 or 1000, updates and formatting changes become a real pain in the neck.
MyBusinessCatalog efficiently solves the main problem – storing content separately from its representation. All you need to do is to keep your product list up-to-date, group it by your own criteria and use ready templates for price list display.

Why do you need price lists?

Price-lists are an important tool for any business, as they provide valuable information about the prices of goods or services. They help businesses establish standards for their products and manage relationships with customers. Price management: A price list allows a company to set prices for its goods or services, taking into account various factors such as market competition, production costs, and demand.
Transparency: Price lists provide customers with transparency about product or service prices. This allows customers to make an informed decision about how much they are willing to pay for a product or service.
Customer relationship management: Price lists also help companies manage customer relationships, as they can be used to track sales, analyze customer preferences, and determine optimal pricing strategies.
Convenience for customers: Using price lists facilitates the purchasing process for customers. They can quickly compare prices for different products and choose the most suitable option.
Improved customer service: Price lists can improve customer service as they help customers understand what they are paying for and provide information about product or service features and benefits.
Quality control: Price lists are used for quality control of goods and services as they allow for comparison of prices with competitors and determining which products or services may need improvement.
Business Process Optimization: Price lists help optimize business processes by simplifying the pricing process, managing customer relationships, and managing sales.
Brand Promotion: Price lists can be used to promote a company’s brand, as they are a visible element that can draw customers’ attention to the company and its products.
Overall, price lists are an important part of any business and play a key role in managing customer relations, pricing, quality control, and optimizing business processes.

What is a price list?

It’s an enumeration of prices for goods or services provided by a certain company.
In the simplest form, it’s just an Excel spreadsheet with a lit of product numbers, names, prices and, sometimes, additional parameters, such as weight, size, etc.
The task of creating a template for price list in Excel or other spreadsheet processor is usually not a problem.
Next comes the task of adding images, breaking the list into groups and that’s where the situation goes out of control. Difficulties emerge when we want to use it as a sales tool, as a comprehensive, and yet concise registry of goods that is informative and attractive at the same time.
Configuration of Table of Contents and Price List

How to create a price list

Price list maker app: quick review
How create price list Price list maker app: quick review

By the instrumentality of MyBusinessCatalog it is possible to create a price-list for many application variants.
Here are several samples below for your concern:

Simple classic price list template
How to make price list with pictures

How to make price list with photo
Goods catalog with pictures

Download price list templates samples: Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3
Sample 4
Sample 5

Review of the all free catalog and price list templates .

Application: publishing a price list on a website as a PDF or HTML file, sending by email or printing out in the office. Can be used as a simplified version of a PDF catalog.

How to make a price list, how to proceed?

First, download and install our a free trial price list templates creation software, MyBusinessCatalog.
Your task is to fill the list with your products. You have a number of tools that make it easier.
(Import Data Wizard , Drag and Drop )

application window, creating a price list with pictures

The button on the tools menu bar to start a creation of a price list (More methods >>)

Print off or save the price list in excel, pdf or other required format

Creating the price list as an excel file, PDF or in the other format
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