Adding Product Descriptions and Images

The catalog allows including and additional description and two image files in any item’s preview.
Topreview an item, use the corresponding tabs:

Image 1 tab

The tab names can be renamed.
When the Catalog is viewed by you or your customers, the tabs are enabled only when there is data available in the corresponding fields.
Each tab has toolbars for controlling/viewing the data being entered in the edit mode.
When the Catalog is open in the Edit Mode all three of the buttons/tabs are enabled regardless to the availability of the objects that can be selected and the data that can be added.

Adding product description.

Clicking on the i-folder icon button or selecting the corresponding tab will display the description of the item selected on the left side – on the right side of the Catalog window. When the data is missing, the description field will be blank, and the top part of the window will display the text formatting toolbar. Note tab

The buttons functions are common for any text editing program.
By clicking on the i-folder icon button on the toolbar, you can load the description text from an existing RTF file.

The data you have added will be saved automatically upon exiting from the editor window.

Adding images.

Selecting the corresponding tab will let you load the main or additional image respectively. If one of the images is missing, it will be replaced with the “No Image” sign.

The image editing toolbar will appear.

first image tab Buttons description (from left to right):
  • Select image. The selected file will be copied to the assigned folder and will appear in the Catalog.
  • Delete image.
  • Select image source. That can be a scanner, camera, photo, etc.
  • Acquire image. If no source has been selected, the window listing the available sources will appear.
  • Display help

If you are not planning on using photographs but are going to create the additional descriptions, tick-off the “Yield display priority to item description” option in the Configurator.
If you don’t want to use neither descriptions nor photographs in your catalog, tick-off the "Use as Smart-Price" option in the Configurator.

(Please refer to chapter "Advanced Settings" for more information)