Software contents

After having unzipped the obtained software, you will see the following folders and files:
C:\ Documents and Settings\%username%\application data\MyBusinessCatalogPt\

\Data - this folder stores product's general information and configuration files.
Originally contains data for demonstrating the Catalog's work.
\Images - your product's images should be stored in this folder.
\Docs - folder for storing files with products additional descriptions.
\Icons - folder for storing additional icons (you create those).
\Language - Translate files
\Bonus - folder for storing miscellaneous documents. Place any files that you think can be useful to your clients to this folder. This folder will be included in the clients' distributives entirely.

C:\programm files\MyBusinessCatalog\

\Tech - 'technical' folder; contains auxiliary files for creating a distributive.
Help.chm - help on working with the Catalog.
Helpconf.chm - help on working with the Catalog's Configurator.
Catalog.exe - Catalog executable.
License.txt - License agreement.