Creating a product video catalog and publishing it on YouTube

Creating and publishing video catalog with page flip effect on YouTube

( About mini video catalogas for social networks read there )
The idea of using YouTube as a convenient and efficient platform for publishing information about your company and an excellent tool for boosting your website's search rating is known and clear.
But in the majority of cases the knowledge remains a theory due to difficulty of creating video materials.
Yes, it's a great idea! But WHAT shall we publish?

With MyBusinessCatalog, you can create catalogs of your products, publish them on YouTube and, if desired, embed them in your website.

A product catalog in the video format is generated from a PowerPoint presentation.
A catalog in the PowerPoint presentation format is created by MyBusinessCatalog.
Information on creating a catalog in the PowerPoint format is available on this page .

catalog as PowerPoint

Once you have created a catalog as a PowerPoint presentation, you can save it as a video and then publish it on Youtube and on your website.

Tiny customization for adding the page flip effect
By default, the catalog from MyBusinessCatalog is stored with the slide transition effect like in a book.

If for whatsoever reason you aren't happy with such behavior, you can change or completely remove the slide transition effect.
On the "TRANSITION" tab, open transition styles and select the one that you like.

Select transition in the PowerPoint

Then make the advanced settings to the effect and click "Apply to all".


Saving catalog from PowerPoint to video file

On the menu, select File, then Export, then Create video.

Saving catalog from PowerPoint to video file
Select the format of 1280 by 720 pixels and then click "Create video ".
Enter the file name and click "Save".

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