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Review of the ALL free price list templates .

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This article focuses on MyBusinessCatalog standard price list templates:
with pictures
with data grouping

Frequently asked questions: how to hide a price | how to add a column

In order to draw up a product price list, MyBusinessCatalog uses a template-based approach, i.e. you can enter your product price list once only and then show it in a convenient form by selecting a corresponding template.

How to make a product price list. Start with this - for more on adding products to your price list see here and here.

Select the main menu item Catalog - Print the price list to show your product price list . After you open the final price list, you can both print it and save as PDF, Excel or 20 other formats .

Open the Settings tab (then Reports button) to select a price list view, i.e. to choose an ideal template for your product price list.

'Openreports' button

Report manager

In order to select your current price list template:
press the Reports button on the main menu
select the Price list from the top (to attach the selected template to the price list view)
enter the word “Price” in the filter
select and configure a suitable template.

Review: price list template

Classical price list template

Available in three variants - with one, two or three columns.
Template names: 01_PRICE-LIST_1COL_v6, 01_PRICE-LIST_2COL_v6, 01_PRICE-LIST_3COL_v6

Structure and composition of a common product price list

1. Document title - according to the current interface language.
2. High-level group name.
3. Current date
4. Logo - can be added in the Template Manager .
5. Basic company information
6. Column titles
7. Line with subgroup titles
8. Your products listed
9. Document footer - can be configured in the Template Manager, you can enter your phone number, company name or anything you wish
10. Current page

Examples of a common price list with two and three columns. Select the most relevant layout

Examples of a common price list with columns

Examples of a common price list with  three columns

You can also configure each price list layout according to the colour scheme preferred .

Common pricelist template example, blown light style

Simle sample of pricelist , blue style

Red price list template

Sage price template

Price list templates with pictures

Such a price list is as compact as a classical price list but looks effective and eye-catching at the same time.
Available in three variants - with one, two or three columns.

Price list with image example - 1 col.

2 cols.

3 cols.

Optional colour settings .

Colored price list template - Yellow

Price list with picture template - Blue

Price list with images template - Deep green

Colored price list template - violet

Price list with data grouping

Structure and composition of a product price list with data grouping - three columns Optional colour settings, background settings etc.
Available in three variants - with one, two or three columns. The title page is included.

Groupping price list with photos - 2 cols.

Groupping price list with photos - one column

Groupping price list with photos - three columns

Optional colour, background etc. settings .

Dark forest style template

Air Force style three-column template

Pricelist template, orange theme

Price list template, pink theme