How to Use MyBusinessCatalog on Several Computers

How to Use MyBusinessCatalog on Several Computers

The license agreement does not impose any restrictions on using the catalog software on multiple computers. Once you have received the activation key, activate MyBusinessCatalog on one computer. Be careful when entering your activation name. Use your company name, brand name, etc. You should not use your personal name, unless you are a private entrepreneur. (The activation name will be displayed on the window title of the application and will be automatically set on the printable documents, saving your efforts on personalizing the documents (printable catalog, price list, etc.)

Next, install the application on other machines and activate it with the same key and the SAME NAME as you used during the first activation. By default, the activation server allows activating 10 copies of the software; but if you have a need for a greater number of activations, simply contact our technical support, and the limit will be raised to the required number free of charge and quickly enough (provided that the request is submitted during the office hours).

Creating Different Catalogs
Your employees can create individual catalogs on diverse of areas for your organization on different computers.

Sharing Same Catalog among Several Employees
By default, catalog data is stored in /application data/%user name%/MySunessCatalog Pt (or Free). To quickly access that folder, use the menu: Catalog-Open Data Folder. To access catalog data over network, move the data, including the subfolders, to a different folder and allow network access to it. (This issue is described in detail in chapter "How create MultiCatalog/Clone catalog".) Briefly, the idea is that the catalog application is launched with an additional parameter, which specifies the alternate location of the data. This mode does not allow editing catalog data by multiple users simultaneously.

Filling Catalog by Several Employees
Your employees can independently work on filling out their individual categories (product groups) in their copies of MyBusinessCatalog; after that, the data is to be transferred to a single computer for merging it all to one large catalog. For that purpose, use the Backup/Restore/Synchronize master.

Viewing catalog over LAN from multiple computers
To allow the employees of your office to use the catalog in their work (read-only, as client), simply enter a local (or networked) folder that is shared over LAN in the Catalog Wizard and create the catalog in that folder (of course, without burning it on a CD). That shared folder can be read-only. Now every employee of your office can view the catalog by simply running catalog.exe.