How to make a catalog without prices

More about price list templates

Here you can see a step-by-step instruction on how to hide prices in the catalog templates (PDF, printable, Youtube etc.)

Prices are included in 95% of product catalogs and by default in all MyBusinessCatalog templates.

For reasons unknown, companies sometimes need to make a catalog without prices.

In th elatest versions of the MyBusinessCatalog, everything has been greatly simplified, for older versions of the program, see below. To remove prices in the product catalog, it is enough to uncheck the items in the template settings settings for the Price List / Table of Contents and the Catalog.

Tab with price list / table of contents settings

Hide prices in the price-list-table of contents

Catalog page settings tab

Hide prices in the catalog

For the changes to take effect, click on the Save and Refresh button at the bottom of the settings screen

Method for older versions

Today it is done manually in the selected template. We are planning to add the option of automatic price hiding, please follow the news.

Never DELETE elements from the page, but HIDE them!

Open the Report Manager - the Reports button .
Select a suitable template and click the Edit button below .

You will see several tabs at the top of the page, each for every template page. In this case you will need the Contents page and/or the Catalog page

After that, find a price block in the template, it can be found by the arrangement of elements and the contents inside the block, as it includes the [price] parameter. You need to hide both the price and column title.

In some templates they are combined within one block
Right-click on it and uncheck the Visible and Printable boxes .

If you want to delete blank cells, please adjust the size of neighbouring elements by dragging the mouse.

First catalog with prices

The catalog without prices

The final catalog without prices