Conditional formatting in the product catalog
Depending on the conditions, cells can be highlighted in different colors

Conditional formatting

For each column in the catalog you can set conditional formatting - highlighting with color by condition.
For example, select in red color all cells in which the price is less than 20, greater than 100 or equal to 10.
Each column is separately customizable.
Click the Sections button of the Product List tab to customize the bars.

Opening sections to customize conditional formatting

Click on the green or gray integral icon next to the settings of the desired column, a window will open formatting window, formulas for data calculation and conditional color formatting will open.

Opening a form to customize formatting and customize currencies

Set the condition, value, background color and text color and click OK at the bottom of the window.
To reset the condition, set <none> in the drop-down list.

Setting conditional formatting


Result of conditional formatting