How to make a catalog software. List of electronic catalog formats

MyBusinessCatalog is a simple and accessible solution for electronic product catalogs available in various forms.

We will show you what variants of electronic catalogs you can make and use in your business applying MyBusinessCatalog.

It is used as an administration interface of the application. All other catalogs are made from it. You can add and arrange the whole information about your products, indicate their codes, names, prices, other features, attach images, additional files and descriptions.
The basic button bar is at the top of the media catalog. Using it, you can make an electronic catalog of your products in the form you need.

How to print a catalog

Open a form with pre-installed templates of printable catalogs. You can change them as you choose to. Note that the same window is used in media catalogs for users so that they can print catalogs themselves. Your catalogs.
The drop-down menu also features a print function for price lists. Their layout can also be configured.
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Electronic media catalog

Electronic catalog wizard for your customers. It looks like yours but lacks management functions. Such catalogs can be uploaded to a website or transferred to your customer on a flash drive. Your customer can place orders by using it and send them to you.
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PDF catalog

Open a supplemental window for layout settings of PDF catalogs. You can select a suitable template and save it, post to your website or send it via email.
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HTML5 catalog

Creation of an electronic copy of product catalog in HTML5 format
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Data upload from an electronic catalog to the online store on your website. All products are uploaded, images are stylized and uploaded.
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Android catalog

A full product catalog is created from your products and their images for Android devices. It can be uploaded to the Google Play Market. After its installation, your customers can view your products and place orders.
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PowerPoint and YouTube catalogs

Our application will help you to prepare a presentation catalog or, if necessary, save the result as a full video catalog that can be posted on YouTube.
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Mini videos

A separate class of short video catalogs meeting all requirements and standards of posting to social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, VK. etc. They are used instead of static images to show a product collection or one product at different angles.

By using MyBusinessCatalog, you can also make price quotes and start full-screen slideshows and use it as price list maker.

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