How to make a catalog, quick review

First download the free version of MyBusinessCatalog from our website and install it.

Download MyBusinessCatalog

Then the application will offer you to register your copy. It is a simple procedure, so your program copy will be registered in a minute.

You will find the main window on the left side. You will spend most of your time here - product list.

See a short video to configure column headings quickly and comply your list with your actual business demands.

Next fill in the product list and attach images.
Three basic approaches:

manual entry, if no electronic materials are available - click the button   +  add a new item and fill it in

drag from Excel - just open your price list and drag your products to the program. Read more here.

import wizard - a serious instrument for automatic import of various products. Read more here and see a video.

How to make a catalog?

After you have filled in your catalog with products, select a format that can meet your requirements, configure it and make a catalog, just clicking the relevant button!

Find a list of possible formats with short descriptions on this page

how to make a catalog - software
Download MyBusinessCatalog

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