Order sheet template with images. Review

Order sheet template with images

The template is included into the standard template collection.
It is similar to the basic order sheet template but includes a small thumbnail picture of a product on the left. Use it, if the picture is important for a better acceptance of the received order

The template will be used for printing or attaching a PDF document to the order as a file, if you have configured so.

To select this template, open the Report Manager, click Order in the upper part of the window. Type 'order' in the filter window for a quick search.

Select a simple order template

Its header includes full information about your company and the customer's company, as well as logo, if so selected.
The order sheet includes a thumbnail, product code, name + an option (color, size, etc.), price, quantity and amount.
The final price and the customer's order notes are at the bottom.

Order template with images example

Example of order template with images

Example of the order template