Product Catalog Template for YouTube and PowerPoint for 6 items
six products per page - 01 PP AND YOUTUBE 006

Video Catalog Template - six items per frame

The template is designed for creation of product and service catalogs as slideshows in PowerPoint and YouTube.
Unlike printed and PDF catalogs, it has a proper orientation and aspect ratio. It is ideal for displaying on a screen and complies with requirements for video posting to YouTube.
The template shows six products per frame. A picture, product code, name and price. A detailed description and additional characteristics are not shown due to the compact arrangement of information.

In order to use it (just like all other templates with the same purpose), click the PowerPoint big button and select a template from the list.

Learn more how to publish and post product catalogs in PowerPoint and YouTube to your website .

The PowerPoint and YouTube template - six product per frame

Video catalog example - 6 product items per frame

Product catalog for Youtube, 6 items per frame Video catalog template 01 PP AND YOUTUBE 0064
video preview