catalog maker,Catalog template for super compact arrangement with 100 items per page, review

Сatalog maker, Catalog template 100 items per page, 10 columns, 10 rows

The template is included into the standard template collection.

Photo, code, name and price are shown by default. All the other sections (advertising section, description, parameters and options) are turned off but available in the template, so you can include them, if you want to, by editing the template manually.

You can consider such catalog as a price list with pictures in the table-oriented view to be able to counsel your client in relation to your range of products. We advise you to place a link to a full extended version of your catalog at the end of your document.

It is applied as a template for print and PDF product catalogs.
Click the PDF catalog button in the main menu and select a template from the left list.

Select a catalog template / 100 item per page

Catalog template examples:

Product catalog template - 100 products / 1 page - colored pens

Product catalog template - 100 products / 1 page - voilet style

Product catalog template - 100 product / 1 page - brown style

Download the example in PDF