Сatalog maker - Product catalog template, review

Сatalog maker, Catalog template 30 items per page, 5 columns, 6 rows

The template is included into the standard template collection.

The size of photos is small but the following aspects are shown correctly: product code, name, price, marketing block and description.
Use the template, if the size of photos is of no importance but you need to create a catalog for a lot of products in a compact way.

As generation of catalogs in other formats requires no special effort from you, you can make several subject catalogs by using other templates to show more detailed information. Or create detailed catalogs with large photos upon your customer's request for selected products and groups.

It is applied as a template for print and PDF product catalogs.
Click the PDF catalog button in the main menu and select a template from the left list.

Select a catalog template / 30 item per page

Catalog template examples:

Product catalog template - 30 products / 1 page - blue style

Product catalog template - 30 products / 1 page - voilet style

Product catalog template - 30 product / 1 page - voilet style

Download the example in PDF