Business Proposal Template with images and additional fields. Review
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Business Proposal Template with Maximum Product Information

The template is included into the basic template collection of MyBusinessCatalog.

Business Proposal Template with Maximum Product Information It is understandable that such a list will be large.

Even small changes in product features may be of great importance for some businesses. Use this template, if you need to show all product features, additional fields and options such as color, size, etc.

In order to create a similar business proposal, please proceed as follows:
add the required positions to your order (select a product in the product list and
click the button Add to Order).

business proposal template - add product to order

In order to change the template, add some positions to your new order and open the Order Manager tab . Then click Invoice/Price Quote tab , open Quotation tab and select this template.

The basic business proposal template with maximum product information is applied by default.
After that, write a salutation for your client, fill in a personal discount and the terms and conditions of your transaction, if needed.

Simple business proposal template with image - add product to order

Business proposal with images example

business proposal template - FULL

Example of the business proposal template - FULL
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