Automatic catalog backup and restore.
Data safety


Data loss is known to be an unpleasant event. That's why we are taking care of your catalogs’ safety. This article describes the most used methods of catalog restore after failures.

Full catalog backup copying

MyBusinessCatalog installation includes a setup of two regular operations in the standard Windows scheduler – full backup copy of the catalog data saved
-daily at 5 p.m. in the folder /MyBusinessCatalogPTBackupDaily and
-every Friday at 5 p.m. in the folder /MyBusinessCatalogPTBackupWeekly.

In case of a crash, you will be able to restore the most recent copy.
Go to Menu->catalog->Open data folder
Go one level up.
Close MyBusinessCatalog
Now we have the following folders: MyBusinessCatalogPT, MyBusinessCatalogPTBackupDaily, and MyBusinessCatalogPTBackupWeekly.
Simply rename 'MyBusinessCatalogPT' into 'MyBusinessCatalogPT_old' and 'MyBusinessCatalogPTBackupDaily'/' MyBusinessCatalogPTBackupWeekly' into 'MyBusinessCatalogPT'.

Note. Please, keep in mind that automatic backup is set up only for the main catalog placed in the MyBusinessCatalogPT folder. So, if you use several catalog projects on the same computer and if you want them to be subject to backup copying — add extra commands to the file /MyBusinesscatalogPT/MakeBackup.bat for instance:
xcopy "c:\MyCatalogFolder" "c:\MyCatalogFolderBackup%2" /d /e /c /i /f /g /h /r /k /o /y,
where %2 will be replaced by 'Daily' or 'Weekly' for a call every day or every week respectively.

Backup copying through Project Manager

Open Project Manager and simply save a project as a safeguard. You can open the saved copy any time.

Products group restore

With every change in the list of goods the previous version is saved. It is placed in the /data/databack/ folder To roll back to any of saved versions click Import ->Backup-XML A list of backup copies of only the requested group will be opened; name of every file contains date and time of creation. Select the file you need.

Printed template / PDf catalog / price list restore

In the Report Manager select a garbled template and click the Restore template (in the lower part of the list).
The current template will be replaced with the initial copy.
Now you can garble it all over again :-)

Backup/restore Wizard for moving data between PCs and transfer of selected products groups for sharing workload among your employees.

To launch the wizard, use the menu Service - Backup/Restore Wizard
Please follow the wizard's instructions.