The Slide Show Mode

The slide show mode provides sequential full-screen presentation of goods. The upper part of the screen displays the control panel, and the lower part displays the brief description of the item being showed.

Slide show panel

The buttons (from the left to the right) are as follows:

  • Closes window.pauses once the button is clicked on.)
  • Displays the next image in the sequence (the show pauses once the button is clicked on.)
  • Continues / resumes slide show.
  • Continues to other groups. If the button is clicked on, the show will continue with the next group of items once the current group of items is finished.
  • Sets the delay for changing pictures (in seconds.)
  • Opens Help.

Clicking on the image with the left mouse button toggles the Pause/Resume modes.

The slide show control panel automatically hides in a few seconds after the last use of it. To get to the hidden control panel you should simply point the upper left corner with the mouse pointer.