Printing/sending/saving an order

These options are available from the "Your order" window.

Order tab in the catalog

In this version of the program, the "Print order", "Send order via E-Mail" and "Save order to file" buttons bring up the same menu.

First of all, fill out your personal information form.

preferred way of contact options

The labels by the fields on the left side of the dialog describe the meaning of the fields. (In the "preferred way of contact" field you should specify the preferred way of contact – whether that is phone, fax or E-Mail). In the "Notes" area you may provide any memo, e.g. on the payment or shipping options.

The data you have entered will be saved, and you will not be required of entering the same information again in the future. (At any time you can modify that information. The data is automatically saved when you close the window.)

print-send-preview a order panel

Once the data entry is complete, click the button of your interest in the top part of the window:

  • Preview – preview order
  • Print order – the order will be printed out.
  • Save order to file – saves the order to an RTF-format files
  • Send order via E-Mail – the order will be sent to your company via E-Mail. Our manager will contact you via the specified “preferred way of contact” shortly.