Video maker for facebook
Refresh your news feed! A great step towards the sales boost!

It is great when scrolling down your Facebook page, your pictures start moving and displaying your product or a small range of them from different angles!

You might say, “But it’s complicated to make a facebook video, I’m not a programmer and don’t understand anything.” WIthout special instruments it is really not so simple. That’s why we have added the video maker function to MyBusinessCatalog requiring no special skills and efforts!

So, how to make a video catalog for Facebook?

First download and install the free version of MyBusinessCatalog

fill in the list with your products and attach photos (you do not have to do it manually, just drag information from your price list and photos from the folder)

click “Social networks” on the button bar Click the button to create a video catalog

Select the products required (or a product, if you need to make a video with all its pictures).
Select the items with photo to create a mini video catalog To do so, tick the corresponding box on the left side of the product.
A mini catalog should be not longer than 60 seconds, so do not select many items.
If you need a big catalog, use the function of making a Youtube video catalog.

select a template for Facebook. Each of them was specially designed for the social network.

Select a template for video catalog for Facebook

fix the running time of both the video and effects of transition between the screens.
The running time of each shot in the catalog depends on the whole video length.

Select “Create a video”

Post the final video catalog to Facebook

In conclusion I’d like to say that you can make a separate mini catalog for EACH product. Different angles of the same product, small ranges, joint products…
Refresh your news feed and increase your sales!

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