Android Catalog - Configuration

Configuration window

Android Catalog project settings
Path to project file
This folder contains all the project files, of which the final Android catalog is assembled.
Do not modify it unless necessary.
Changing the folder creates a blank project in a new folder.
Please keep in mind that by default installing the new version of the software replaces project files with the new versions. Therefore, if you are going to modify a project manually, make sure to create a copy and work with it.

Program name
This is the name that would appear by the catalog icon in Android.
Please keep that in mind when making up a name for your catalog.

App icon in the android device App icon in the apps list

Distributive file name
Name of your file, without the APK extension.

Paths to folders
Assembling the .apk file to be installed on an Android device requires installing additional software components.
Android SDK and ANT are installed when installing the software and do not require additional installation. Do not modify them unless necessary.
In addition to those, you need to install Java SDK
Download and install Java SDK.
Download JDK
Select JDk for you windows
Once Java SDK is installed, in the application's settings window select the folder where Java SDK is installed. Normally that would be c:\program files\Java\jdk1.7.0_09\
The numbers may vary depending on the downloaded version of Java SDK

Select JDK folder