Price List Templates. Displaying Options and Attributes
Price list and catalog maker

This article focuses on displaying of attributes and product options in the catalog and price list templates. It means that different color and size options are immediately defined with one product code.
More about price lists

You can read this page to learn how these data are displayed and used in media catalogs and online shops, while this article describes how they are shown in printed and PDF catalogs.

Open the Report Manager, select a template and configure your templates.

Show option in the price list or contents of PDF-catalog

Example of attributes in price list under description

Example of options in contents in the separate column

Price List Templates.

Open the "Contents" tab. Price lists and contents of full catalogs are configured in a similar way. Check the "Show Options" box. According to your requirements to a convenient, informative and compact price list template or any other personal wishes, you can display options in a separate column under product names. You can display options in one line with automatic hyphenation or start a new line for each option.

Attributes and Option in Catalogs

Open the "Catalog" tab.
Check the "Show Options" box. Options will be shown in an automatically highlighted section and separated by a comma in your catalog template.
If you are not satisfied with the results, read more on how to change the template manually.

Setting of showing attribures on the PDF-catalog

Example of options and attributes in the product catalog

Download PDF catalog example with Options and Attributes