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Sales-boosting line sheets professionally right in your office!

A line sheet should include the whole product information that can be useful for purchasing decisions of your customers. The information should be comprehensive and leave no additional questions and no reason why your customer should not make a purchase.

An appropriate display of your product information is your ticket to success. It is a little awkward to say it out loud.

But high-quality sales-boosting line sheets are whether made irregularly or are not made at all. The reasons are quite simple - complexity and price.
Printing of leaflets in a printing office is not enough, for first you should MAKE them!
And you have to do it because the range of products and prices have changed.

As a result of this, the process is left unattended and then stops!

MyBusinessCatalog offers solutions for an easy creation of line sheets and catalogs that you can make without leaving your office.
And then you can whether print them in a printing office, email to your customers or just post as PDF to meet your requirements.

MyBusinessCatalog includes various sales sheet templates suiting any taste. You can make line sheets for one product and show all its benefits in different colors and at different angles, or you may publish your collection on one or several pages. If you want to print your final document, our application may attach an ordering form to your sales sheet.

Sales sheet template example

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