Сreating electronic catalogs of products. Catalog creator reviewe

This program is designed for creating electronic catalogs of products and services that your company offers. At this time, when the market situation changes rapidly, electronic catalog is the preferable way

Features offered by electronic catalog do not compare to ones of a printed catalog. Capability of creating any number of copies without leaving the office, extremely low prime cost, prompt updates and great amount of information being displayed set the electronic catalog far beyond the printed one!

Moreover, your catalog will not become outdated in a couple of weeks, you will not have to order extra prints for new supplies or explain your clients that the sample that was displayed earlier is no longer manufactured or is outdated. Capability of updating via the Internet allows using and offering only the most relevant information!

Dividing into groups, arranging data, submitting orders right from the Catalog, updating information via the Internet, printing price lists, and providing other information. These are just some advantages of an electronic catalog!

The software includes the utility for configuring the Catalog and creating the setup file for further duplication of the Catalog on CD.

We provide you with the tool. You configure your catalog according to YOUR requirements, place YOUR information, and insert YOUR pictures and descriptions.

It is YOUR Catalog.

We are sure that MyBusinessCatalog will do a real help to your business!

Developers of MyBusinessCatalog