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Any document (and a price quotation is no exception) should include both interesting contents for a potential customer, and a decent layout.

MyBusinessCatalog combines these two important parts resulting in an amazing price quotation that you can get and send to your client without feeling embarrassed. It will include all the necessary information for future cooperation.

Product quotation

MyBusinessCatalog includes ready-made price quote templates for "hot" deals when you are offering a coordinated product list, as well as various catalog templates for a wide audience ("cold" deals).
All templates can be additionally designed to meet your requirements through embedded program tools or manually. See below several examples.

This problem can be easily solved.
In any case you need to drag your products from the current price list to the program.

When you are composing a "hot" price quote, you only need to add the required goods items to your order and make the final document on its basis in the template you have chosen.
When you are drawing up a "cold" price quote, you can use any template to create a product catalog with the additional page of terms description that can be easily done by checking the corresponding box in the settings.

Please check out our article about the difference between "hot" and "cold" deals.

Some quptations examples:
Product quotation - plain list

Product quotation - with product images, steel theme

Product quotation - with product images, yellow theme

Product quotation - with product images, Air Force style

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