Product price list. Price list design options

You might think that choosing a design for your price list is not a very difficult task after all. But it is. A layout plan and makeup for one type of price lists might be absolutely unsuitable for another.

The problem is that to estimate the results, you will have to prepare the final layout of at least one page. And then another layout, and more, and more...
After they you will have to compare the results and select the best among them for the future.

The volume of work required for all these actions makes us understand why nobody ever really does it, that is why we see one and the same lame price list design every now and then.

You wish you could make several price list layouts out of the same list in a couple of minutes to choose the perfect one.

And you can. You can see the diversity of designs below, you can try all of them in no more than two minutes and find the best one for your business.
Be sure that each design option can be further configured to your taste (or to the taste of your clients). Here is an example of one and the same product price list but in different designs.

Have a look at this article with explicit descriptions of the basic MyBusinessСatalog templates.
Don’t forget to check out the price list samples — you might get an idea of what you can use in your business.

Product pricelist - yellow theme

Product pricelist - blue theme, three columns with image

Product pricelist - green theme, two columns, with image

Product pricelist - Dark blue theme, two columns, with image

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