Price quotation samples
Layouts and examples

This review focuses on price quotation templates that you can prepare with MyBusinessCatalog.
All templates include notes and descriptions, select the best one and use it in your business.

There are no strict rules on how to make a proper price quote.
Our primary goal is to make your potential customer ask as few questions as possible that might delay or crumb your future deal.

Samples of “hot” deals
A “hot” price quote is a document with a clear product list and/or terms of transaction that were previously agreed by the parties.
It means that you document the verbal agreements that you have reached over the phone or written on napkins.

All price quotes in MyBusinessCatalog include the following information blocks:
Title, number, date
Information FROM
Information TO
Salutation - for “hot” deals
List of product price quotes
Terms and Conditions page

Price quotation samples - Simple product list

Price quotation samples- Product list with pictures

Price quotation samples- Product list with pictures 2

Product list with pictures and all additional features

Samples of “cold” deals
Product catalog templates attaching the Terms and Conditions page are used for “cold” price quotes. You will find several dozens of templates for any taste and budget.
According to your goals and products, you can make catalogs with any number of products per page, from one to a hundred.
The choice is yours.

Price quotation samples

Price quotation samples - Samples of 'cold' deals

Price quotation samples - 'cold' deals page 2

Price quotation samples - 'cold' deals page 3

Price quotation samples - 'cold' deals page 4

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